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The history of Da Rina goes hand in hand with the history of its land. The Traverso family opened this famous, much-appreciated Genoese restaurant way back in 1946, and the eating place – and its traditions – are still going strong.

This historical, traditional restaurant is close to the Old Port (Porto Antico), the heart of the city, a favourite with locals and tourists alike, confirming that honest, sincere and traditional image that Ligurian people love so much.
Rina and Antonio Traverso opened their restaurant just after World War II, and it is now run by Signora Rosella, Rina’s daughter-in-law. She is bent on keeping up those aspects that have been appreciated for sixty-odd years: mainly fish and seafood cuisine in addition to lots of other classic, non-seafaring Ligurian dishes.
A discerning menu, great customer service, at the same time staying abreast of their clients’ constantly changing needs, combined with those deep ties with Ligurian flavours and knowhow all make Da Rina a noteworthy showcase of local tradition and a prized calling card for the city.
Continuing the family business established by Rina is her daughter-in-law, Rosella who runs the restaurant with great determination. Her brilliance and her excellent management skills have ensured the continuation of that hospitality, warmth and authenticity, along with fine quality products and original foods so resolutely desired by Rina.

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I nostri amici

A plethora of meetings, acquaintances and friendships have accompanied Da Rina throughout its sixty-odd year history. The Rina staff from the early days and now Signora Rosella have collected a huge number of smiles and handshakes along the way. And they’ve got photos to prove it, jealously kept as family keepsakes.

Who could forget the visits of former President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, who loved the restaurant both before and after being elected to Italy’s top position.

Other celebrities who have dined here include Carletto Dapporto, Walter Chiari, Enzo Tortora, Gianni Rivera, Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti, Michelangelo Antonioni, Adriano Celentano and Pino Daniele.

Not to mention Nobel prize-winner Dario Fo, Vittorio Gassman, Ornella Muti, journalist Massimo Maccaroni, one of Genoa’s leading food gourmands, in addition to football champions like Diego Armando Maradona, Marcello Lippi and Nello Santin as well as lots of the players from local teams Genoa and Sampdoria, and their presidents Enrico Preziosi and Riccardo Garrone.

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